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High Sabbath

“I understand that the disciples were rushing to bury Jesus before the Sabbath and that this Sabbath was  a different kind of sabbath called a “High Sabbath” that could occur

Defending the Challenge of the Doctrine

Dear Victoria,             I have a family member who is obsessed with the Rapture and constantly listens to end-of-the-world messages. Unfortunately, when she witnesses to people about the coming of the

When does the Biblical day begin?

Dear Dr. Victoria, It is my understanding that based upon the Jewish clock; the day begins at sundown. That said, I’m having a hard time reconciling two Scriptures dealing with

Why Did God Choose Israel as his Chosen People?

Question: Why did God choose Israel as His chosen people? RMM Dear RMM, A good question not easily answered. However, the fact you asked the question in this particular way

Journey through a time grid

Question: You officially died in the ICU of the Houston Medical Center shortly after giving birth to your second child, a son who, sadly, passed away. I’ve heard you say

A Gospel Follow-Up

Question: After you share the Gospel with a Jewish person, what do you do and say next? Send them a Bible and hope they read it, keep talking to them about

One Conversation with Any One Person

QUESTION: If you could have a conversation with any one person, alive or dead, who would it be and why? AB ANSWER: Dear AB, Hmm… this is a very good

Is it Okay to Hold Back The Tithe

QUESTION: “Dear Victoria, is it okay to hold back and accumulate my tithe to give at a later time for a bigger need my church or my favorite ministry may

Were Disciples Paid to Preach?

QUESTION: Is it true that Jesus and his disciples were not paid when they preached? HM ANSWER: Dear HM, The ways and economy of Judea was very different at the

Hebraic Understanding of Adam’s Rib

Dear Victoria, I will be officiating at my son’s wedding very soon and was hoping to get a better Hebraic understanding of the “rib that came out of Adam’s side.”