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Why Did God Choose Israel as his Chosen People?

Question: Why did God choose Israel as His chosen people? RMM Dear RMM, A good question not easily answered. However, the fact you asked the question in this particular way

Journey through a time grid

Question: You officially died in the ICU of the Houston Medical Center shortly after giving birth to your second child, a son who, sadly, passed away. I’ve heard you say

A Gospel Follow-Up

Question: After you share the Gospel with a Jewish person, what do you do and say next? Send them a Bible and hope they read it, keep talking to them about

One Conversation with Any One Person

QUESTION: If you could have a conversation with any one person, alive or dead, who would it be and why? AB ANSWER: Dear AB, Hmm… this is a very good

Is it Okay to Hold Back The Tithe

QUESTION: “Dear Victoria, is it okay to hold back and accumulate my tithe to give at a later time for a bigger need my church or my favorite ministry may

Were Disciples Paid to Preach?

QUESTION: Is it true that Jesus and his disciples were not paid when they preached? HM ANSWER: Dear HM, The ways and economy of Judea was very different at the

Hebraic Understanding of Adam’s Rib

Dear Victoria, I will be officiating at my son’s wedding very soon and was hoping to get a better Hebraic understanding of the “rib that came out of Adam’s side.”

Hebrew Idioms

Question: Could you explain what Hebrew idioms are and give some examples in the Bible? Lisa Answer: Lisa, An idiom is normally a phrase – but it is different from

Takeaways from “Just a Little Girl”

QUESTION: Your memoir Just A Little Girl is a compelling story of an amazing life…just curious, what do you want readers to take away from having read it?  A ANSWER: Dear

Concern with Denominational Affiliation

Question: In your book Just a Little Girl,  you’ve given readers a very unusual view into various Protestant denominations as you and your husband were searching for church homes over the years.