Shalom Dear Friends, Welcome to a New Year, the 4th in the history of KALEIDOSCOPE, our online newsletter. This edition of KALEIDOSCOPE is packed with potential! And potential is exactly

Tithing our First Fruit

While working on this Precious Gem article, I recalled a section in my memoir Just a Little Girl that I’d like to share. I was asked to speak several times

Dear Victoria, I will be officiating at my son’s wedding very soon and was hoping to get a better Hebraic understanding of the “rib that came out of Adam’s side.”

Dear Readers: Recently, I had the opportunity to participate with several members of our Nathaniel Fellowship in an evening worship service at a homeless shelter in the DFW metroplex. After

Learning His Ways

The Hebrew Bible is often mysterious and hard to understand. Most people realize the language is archaic and the traditions are foreign. But unless you know the multi-dimensional aspects of

Question: Could you explain what Hebrew idioms are and give some examples in the Bible? Lisa Answer: Lisa, An idiom is normally a phrase – but it is different from

What Happened to Judah’s Brothers? A Closer Look at Family Ties

Abraham was originally a Gentile, a Persian from Ur. (What would now be modern day Iran.) There was no nation or culture of people at this time that called upon

Relationships in Covenant

Dear Readers: Not long ago, my husband and I had the opportunity to connect with five of our six adult children, their spouses, our daughter-in-law and 18 of our 20

Takeaways from “Just a Little Girl”

QUESTION: Your memoir Just A Little Girl is a compelling story of an amazing life…just curious, what do you want readers to take away from having read it?  A ANSWER: Dear


Dear Readers: Sacrifice. A word rife with meaning and colored by perspective. A sacrifice is a loss or something you give up, usually for the sake of a better cause. Parents sacrifice time,