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Just a Little Girl by Victoria Sarvadi

Just a Little Girl by Victoria Sarvadi

When eighteen-year- old Victoria dies in the ICU and encounters an angel that gives her aprophetic mandate from God, her insatiable quest for spiritual enlightenment begins. As compelling as any contemporary novel, this dramatic and inspiring true story is a roller-coaster ride through supernatural experience, denominational enlightenment, and a teenage marriage that not only survives the loss of a child but thrives through unbeatable odds.

Shining a fresh light on the theology of a Jewish Jesus, the author deftly weaves the history of the Christian faith from its genesis of the first century to the present-day Greco-Roman Christianity―all the while giving us an up close and personal glimpse of an extraordinary life.

A devoted wife, mother of six, and grandmother of nineteen, Victoria refuses to succumb to age and limitations. Far from Just a Little Girl, Victoria Sarvadi’s unconventional journey from teenage motherhood to Hebraic scholar and teacher will captivate and consume you from start to finish.



Grace and Law

Watching and Waiting

How the Torah Relates to Christians

Finding Chava

Who is the Son of Man



Shabat Shalom


The First Fruit Principle


The First Fruit Principle

Restore-66-front (1)

Trees: God’s Mysterious Manifestation of Perpetuity


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