Victoria Sarvadi's Books

Just a Little Girl

by Victoria Sarvadi

$17.99 Paperback or $9.99 Kindle

When eighteen-year-old Victoria dies in the ICU and encounters an angel that gives her a prophetic mandate from God, her insatiable quest for spiritual enlightenment begins. As compelling as any contemporary novel, Just a Little Girl is the debut memoir of an inspiring woman with keen perception and exceptional resilience. This dramatic true story is a roller-coaster ride through supernatural experience, denominational enlightenment, and a teenage marriage that not only survives the loss of a child but thrives through unbeatable odds.

Shining a fresh light on the theology of a Jewish Jesus, the author deftly weaves the history of the Christian faith from its genesis of the first century to the present-day Greco-Roman Christianity-all the while giving us an up close and personal glimpse of an extraordinary life.

A devoted wife, mother of six, and grandmother of nineteen, Victoria refuses to succumb to age and limitations. Far from “just a little girl,” Victoria Sarvadi’s unconventional journey from teenage mom to Hebraic scholar and teacher will captivate and consume you
from start to finish.


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