Acharit Hayamim – End of the Age

The phrase End of the Age or The End of Days is an English translation of the Hebrew phrase Acharit hayamim.  The translation however is often a misnomer.

The End of the Days often associates the end of time or the end of the world bringing fear and insecurity to the readers. However, The End of the Age can be better understood as the “The End of this Present Age,” and while it’s a better representation of this Hebrew concept, it still lacks the deeper foundational truths connected to the phrase.

History and time in the Bible can be divided up into ages or eras such as the Adamic age, the Abrahamic age, the Mosaic age, the Age of the Prophets. the Christian Era etc. Then, we have the age that is yet to come – The Golden Age.

But the age that precedes The Messianic Golden Age of Christ’s reign is understood to be the end of the age of man’s governance under the authority of Satan and his rulers in high places.

At the acharit hayamim described in the books of Daniel and Revelation, man’s governance controlled by the false world leader and false prophet will be destroyed by the coming of the true Messiah at which time the weight of all government will be put upon His shoulders and true peace will be administered from the throne.

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