Why does the Bible talk about different books that are not in the Bible

different books of the bible

As part of our Ask Victoria series, here is a very good question from one of our readers!

Question: Why does the Bible talk about different books that are not in the Bible? It seems like people have taken things out. – T

Answer: An excellent question that has been the topic of discussion among theologians for many years—and one that has no quick-and-easy answer. In fact, this reader question prompted me to develop a Precious Gems article that explores the topic in greater detail. The Word Was God can be found on my website at (include URL)

“T” is correct, there are several missing books that are mentioned in Scripture—the Epistle to the Laodiceans is missing from the New Testament, along with three missing books mentioned in Old Testament Scripture; the Book of Enoch (found in Ethiopia in 1768), the Book of Jasher, and the Book of the War of the Lords. And while it may appear that “people have taken things out,” it is more likely in my mind that these manuscripts were lost or destroyed over time. Remember, we are talking about documents recorded on parchment scrolls with rudimentary writing instruments and existing in very harsh climates and conditions, and in times of great political and cultural turmoil.

One must also consider when Solomon’s Temple was destroyed in 587 BC, much of the sacred writings were destroyed while other writings were scattered throughout Judea and Babylonia. It was Ezra, the prophet and scribe who went throughout the land and collected these remaining sacred scrolls and began to copy them. Although it is possible that some conspiracy of the early church or the Jewish spiritual leaders were responsible for the non-inclusion of these books, I feel certain the Almighty knew exactly what He was doing in the creation of the Holy Scriptures—inspired writing that has withstood the test of time and has become the foundation on which rests the most sacred revelations of God to all His creation.


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