Children are indeed a heritage of the Lord

Psalm 127:3

 What My Children Taught Me

God places people in our lives to instruct us, correct us and to edify us. We learn, we improve, we advance.  The children He places in our lives are no exception to this interesting way God grows us to maturity. Please…meet my life coaches;

Shannon Michelle – My Sacrifice and My Maturity          (9/18/1974)
Having a baby so young, I had to step up to the plate and learn whatever it took to assume the responsible and proper role as a parent. I came to realize that Shannon needed me to be everything to her and yet she was also to be my teacher.  The first time she said momma, it touched my heart. Shannon innocently opened a door and ushered me into adulthood. I happily and willingly said goodbye to my childhood and found that I really loved being a mommy! What a beautiful, bright, and capable mother of 6 children she, herself, has now become! Shannon taught me to delight in life’s opportunities with passion and zeal.

Rodney George – My Grief and My Gift                (2/13/1978 – 2/13/1978)
This child was bittersweet and the turning point of my spiritual life. I never knew that I could feel so much pain, yet in that pain feel so close to God. Deciding not to name him Christopher Paul as planned but instead honor our fathers, Little George made me aware of a whole other dimension of myself. Because of the tragedy this little one brought into my life, I started a lifelong quest for God’s truth and purposes. You could say I kind of died with this tiny baby – but it was good – because through this life changing experiencing, I learned what it meant to die with Messiah.  His was a sweet short life that accomplish much in so many! I’ll see you later dear one.

Cynthia Pauline – My Healing and My Trust        (3-6-1979)
This child amazes me. The world calls her a “Rainbow Baby”. No doubt, a child of personal promise and prophecy, my God was so good to deliver! I have always wanted to develop in myself what came naturally to her. I witnessed her deep spiritual awareness and compassion from the start. She seemed to be entertained by angels, smiling, and responding to something I was unable to see. I admired her care and concern for others and her selfless desire to please God. Sweet, tender hearted, soft spoken yet with a spirit of a powerful warrior, Cynthia remains faithful and dedicated to The Lord. From this child, I learned what true faithfulness is.

Diana Andrée – My Surprise and My Laughter    (9-8-1981)
Surprise! Honestly, we weren’t expecting this child to show up so soon! I looked at Cynthia, my 9-month-old, and then back at the “positive” in-home pregnancy test… Cindy smiled at my wide eyes and look of shock! “Pregnant… – I laughed, …Again!” From, the beginning, this child taught me to laugh. She taught me to sing!  She was able to shake off rejection and embrace affirmation.  Unabashed and loving the limelight, she was our entertainer, our joy. Paul often told her you are the “one I miss the most”. I really appreciated her comic relief to help me ease the stress and disappointments of the day! She is still a burst of sunshine and her beautiful spirit warms my heart! Diana genuinely taught me pure joy.

Paula Kristen – My Resolution and My Dedication           (11-28-1984)
When Paul finally allowed himself to feel his grief 5 years after Little George’s home going, he went to visit his grave. In his brokenness I suggested the possibility of having another child. It was during this pregnancy that I experienced the power of the Holy Spirit in my own life and with that experience, another level of His Glory. Kristen taught me how to press through to the goal – a child with clear vision and determination! She received the female version of the name we originally thought Little George was to have. Paula Kristen is the epitome of enduring confidence and powerful break throughs. She’s always ready, always prepared. She has made me realize time is of the essence and to not put off to tomorrow what God is calling us to do today.

Paul Westin – My Testing and My Hope       (8-27-1987)
Wes was the challenge of faith that became a daily ordeal for me. In due time it became apparent that perseverance, patience, and trust were my challenged virtues. Wes kept me on my knees, and I learned quickly that many weaknesses were hidden inside me. The pride of a perfect family was replaced by the humbling of a dysfunctional one. I kept believing that Wes would be healed of his spiritual, psychological, and behavioral issues. I felt like I entered my wilderness and I needed God more than ever. Wes taught me humility and I fervently pray that Wes will continue to find his own inner peace with God and his purpose as a Godly father to his own children.

Brittany Elise – My Mercy and My Grace (1-31-1992)               
Brittany blessed us with wonder and awe. She was always very independent and absolutely brilliant!  However, as she got older, she began to keep many of her thoughts and concerns to herself. Her lack of communication and desire to be different challenged me. God reminded me that it’s His grace that guides us back to Him and it’s His mercy that pursues us. I know Brittany fights her own demons and I have learned to give her space and support to do so. I refused to believe she would venture too far and I trusted that God would surely keep her.  She has responded to our unconditional love and has taught me the faithful love of the Father. Family is very important to her and through Brittany I have learned to accept God’s grace in my own life.

I’ve invested heavily in my children and the returns have been tremendous. Sure – there have been highs and lows, but I’ve always considered both the good and not so good times to be elegant opportunities of impact.

As I contemplate the many rewards that my children have given me, I feel overwhelmingly indebted to them. Since my born-again experience, God has been propagating His Kingdom purposes inside of me. And though I feel I fall short of His perfection I know God has used me in some way to advance His Light in their lives and the lives of others. And for that I’m grateful.

Our children (and this includes our spiritual children) are an extension of us all. May the generations to come continue to be our hands, our feet, and our heartbeat until we all have completed the unified task He has called us to.

Children are indeed a heritage from the LORD, and the fruit of the womb is His reward.

Psalm 127:3 BSB

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