Day 8 of the 8 Lights of Hanukkah Series by Victoria Sarvadi

Welcome to the 8 Lights of Hanukkah, presented by the Bethany Center in McKinney, Texas. As believers around the world prepare to celebrate the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ, it’s important to remember that the miracle of Christmas could only take place after the miracle of Hanukkah a very sacred and holy day first celebrated by the Jewish people. One of the most beautiful traditions in the bible is the lighting of the Menorah, yet many of us wonder what the Menorah actually represents and what exactly is Hanukkah. Join Dr. Victoria Sarvadi for a very special 8 day streaming video event where she will answer these questions and more!

The author of ‘Just A Little GIRL’ and Hebraic roots school bible teacher at the Bethany Center, Victoria is a passionate Christian whose desire to restore the community of Yeshua is touching the lives of those hungry to know more about the Jewish Jesus. Please welcome your host of the 8 Lights of Hanukkah Dr. Victoria Sarvadi.

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