Were Disciples Paid to Preach?

QUESTION: Is it true that Jesus and his disciples were not paid when they preached? HM


The ways and economy of Judea was very different at the time of Yeshua. The communities normally took care of the itinerant rabbis providing food and shelter. As was their culture, being neighborly toward strangers and visiting Jews was not uncommon to first century town folk. It was a blessing when a Torah teacher came to teach in their community, and since the disciples had no obligations (bills) as they sold all they had to follow Yeshua they didn’t need a lot. I’m sure travelling with Yeshua was quite amazing and astounding for all the followers. For example, when taxes were needed, Yeshua instructed His disciples to go fish. A coin was found in the fish’s mouth and the taxes were paid. Yeshua didn’t need man to support His needs, but all men must depend on Yeshua for all our needs according to His riches and glory.

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