Divine Appointment

Dr. Victoria Sarvadi,

Is there any way to tape your classes or live skype/FaceTime them? I would love to take your classes!  It was a divine appointment to see your video on YouTube!



Good news! We are now streaming our Shabbat services on Facebook Live. Please join my Facebook Fan Page (Dr. Victoria Sarvadi) and watch the service live and while you’re at it check out our archived videos as well.

If you are interested in taking the courses provided by Dr. Richard Booker and The Institute for Hebraic Christian Studies (IHCS), we are creating a closed group Facebook live steam for students who are registered for this trimester’s course entitled, Yeshua and the Original First Century Church. Classes start January 29,, 2018 and will be held at 7 pm (CST) each Monday until April 23rd with an “off day” on April 2.  If you wish to receive credit toward an Associates Degree, homework must be completed each week and sent in a digital or written format. You may opt out and audit the course if you prefer.  Degreed and audited classes cost $65 with the receipt of the registration form and $10.00 per week for each of the twelve classes. You may pay weekly or all ($120) at the first class. There are 6 twelve week courses that make up this degreed program. I am teaching three courses this year but plan to offer two courses at each trimester in 2019.

The program consists of the following six courses:

JR-100 Covenants and Rituals

JR-200 The Sabbaths and Feasts

JR-300 Israel and the Nations in History and Prophecy

JR-400 Yeshua and the Original First Century Church

JR-500 Understanding Judaism I

JR-600 Understanding Judaism II

Be watching our website (victoriasarvadi.com) and Facebook Fan Page for more classes in the future.


Blessings and Shalom,

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