Don’t be Afraid

As we see the details of Yeshua’s prophetic Words of Matthew 24 begin to manifest before our very eyes in global events and become evident within the world of Christianity, we should not be surprised. Listen close to what Yeshua describes in verse 6 – You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but don’t be alarmed.

I know as we are hearing rumors on fake news outlets along with true news that is often being censored, we are feeling confused and extremely disturbed. Who should we listen to? What should we believe? As we hear various narratives for and against governments, military actions, political factions and secret missions we must refer to the One who gives us Wisdom beyond the knowledge of this world.

We know that this present world system is broken and has never operated in perfection. This is because man literally cannot govern himself without God. The most pressing reason Yeshua is coming back is to set up His government – His Kingdom. All nations will be brought low and will be overcome by His power and Presence. You see, His Nation is Holy and possesses perfect Justice and Mercy. He sees all aspects of man’s plans, even the hidden agendas. He knows truth from lies. His power and authority are for our good – not for His ego. So, when Yeshua says, don’t be afraid – know He is speaking to you – those of who are citizens of His Holy Nation and members of His own family. We defer to the mighty ruler of the universe and guess what He’s also our loving Father. There is none beside Him! That makes me feel much more at ease. Amen?

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