Featured Hebrew Word: Chanuke

hebrew word chanuke

Chanuke translates as “dedicate” in English, therefore Chanukah is the Festival of Dedication.

One might wonder what is being dedicated? Though this holiday is not a biblical feast like Passover, Pentecost or Tabernacles, it is the commemoration of a God thing, a true miracle.

Though not a commandment, many Christians anticipate Christmas to be a commemoration of the miraculous birth of Christ starting with the provision of a temporary shelter and a manger and an announcement from on high.

Like the beautiful story of Christ’s birth and the happiness it brings to the believer, the miracle of Chunukah should not be overlooked. If God had not intervened on behalf of the chosen line of King David, the promise of the Messiah would have been lost. Now Christians are beginning to understand what it means that Christ was and is the Light of the World. He is the menorah in our hearts that makes us shine in the darkness.

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