First Century Genesis, Hurricane Relief & Shabbat

A new ministry outreach to the church…

Our first audio and video recordings are scheduled to start in the next few weeks. We will be distributing these powerful teachings via our Bethany World Radio and YouTube platforms. Please pray for our ministry team as we teach the words of Yeshua in the context of His first century faith of Judaism. Our inspired and gifted team includes myself, my husband Paul Sarvadi, Dr. Bron Barkley, Cynthia Heaton, along with David and Lisa Depew. Additionally, the inspired music and songs of Jonathan Settel will accompany our messages. Please join us in prayer that we can effectively reveal how Rabbinic Judaism and Greco-Roman Christianity strayed from this initial instruction of the Messiah—and successfully impart what we can do today to recapture and apply these teachings in our lives as contemporary believers. Pray, also, that we can be a light and inspiration to the dark world in which we live.


Hurricane Harvey Relief

The Nathaniel Center is now an emergency relief center for victims of Hurricane Harvey. If you know anyone who still needs basic essentials (clothing, food and baby items) please contact Chris Sarvadi 214- 263-9620. If anyone is available to volunteer, we desperately need you! Please continue to pray for all hurricane victims.

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