Journey through a time grid


You officially died in the ICU of the Houston Medical Center shortly after giving birth to your second child, a son who, sadly, passed away. I’ve heard you say that you experienced a journey through a “time grid of your life,” and at the end of that journey, you came face-to-face with an angel. What was that like? What did the angel tell you? – CP

The Answer: 

Dear CP.

At first, there was confusion as to what was happening to me. Yet when I felt my life draining away, I realized I was dying. I “fell” through what I would call my own universe of knowledge. Strangely, it wasn’t my past life I was falling through but rather my future. I began to see treasures of life experience and spiritual revelations that I knew were mine. As I went at Mach-speed through the converging lines of time and experience, I realized I was seeing what I now call God’s gifts of Wisdom—His Precious Gems. When my universe tunneled, I found my spirit life along with my soul (that is my mind, will, and emotions) “delivered” into the ICU room where I hovered above my lifeless body. I soon realized I wasn’t alone.

When I saw my angel, I realized I knew him and his name. His face radiated with light that appeared to be like amber or bronze.  His entire form glowed as if he was wearing a shining white garment. I was unafraid but very much in awe of him. I addressed him as Peretz and communicated through a telepathic function. Though I told Peretz I didn’t want to go back into my body, he said the divine plan was for me to go back and acquire the knowledge and treasures I had glimpsed on my life grid. “You are to teach others what you learn,” Peretz said. A prophetic mandate I have followed to this day as I strive to shed light on the precious gems of knowledge and wisdom God provides.

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