Lawlessness is Already at Work

God created Adam and Eve to have dominion over the Earth. In fact, the world was created to be a blessing for man with an atmosphere of healthy air and life-giving water. Livestock, fish and seed-bearing trees and plants were created all for the benefit, health, and wellness of His human creatures. But even in the midst of tremendous blessings and generous favor, Adam and Eve rejected God’s instructions.

Dominion over the Earth was forfeited as the couple bowed in compliant submission to the angelic deceiver in the Gan Eden.

According to Ezekiel 28 Satan was thrown down to Earth and was banished from the Holy Mountain of God. Clever, wise, and mesmerizing, this creature took possession of the Earth as a spoil of conquest. He then took dominion over it.

He set up his kingdom; a hierarchy of principalities and rulers that governed over the inhabitants of the earth. This prince of darkness began to sell his wares, introducing the human creatures to angelic secrets; sorcery, occultism, sexual seduction, materialism, mind altering drugs, weapons, and barbaric war. The world that should have been governed by Adam and Eve, ministering in God’s image of goodness and light fell to miserable corruption and darkness.

The subjected man began to develop a new mindset, learning the ways of the sadistic spiritual authorities. They began to yearn for power, position, riches, and pleasure. These fleshly desires became equivalent to the meaning of life. Since Satan’s subjugation of Earth, these “ambitions” of fallen man have been propagated through the pervading powers of the world’s hosts of evil rulers. Convincing man that these ambitions were what life “was all about”, amoral conduct developed into cultural anthropology.  These ancient cultural systems have created world views of ungodly idealism and degenerate behaviors.

Satan’s cultural systems have promoted self-worship, self-promotion, and self-glorification. Happiness is thought to come from riches, education, positions of power, entertainment, sexual enjoyment, food and wine and the list goes on. If you want it – get it at all cost – lie, steal, kill. Just help yourself.

Because of the darkness of Satan’s Kingdom on Earth, man has become disoriented, lost in the labyrinth of spiritual amnesia. And for this reason, God sent His Messiah to redeem those who would trust in Him instead of this world system:

But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, the people who are God’s own possession, so that you may proclaim the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light. 1 Peter 2:9 EHV

There has always been a remnant of people who have become disenchanted with the darkness of this world. They seem to hear and respond to a distant calling that’s written in their very DNA. A longing heart to reconnect with their Creator, a desire for true peace and marvelous Light.

We are no doubt entering the time in God’s plan called the acharite hayamim. This Hebrew term translated “end times” actually defers to and marks an end of an era.  The focus of the Acharite hayamim is the shift of the world’s government from that of darkness to the Kingdom of Light.

The full gestation of God’s purposes will eventually determine the final number of those who are righteous and reveal those who are defiantly wicked (the haters of God and His Light).

The End time events have been prophesied and must come about. This may sound sardonic to many, but we must realize that when it is time for God to implement His end time events, no matter how much one prays, declares, and rebukes the evils and growing darkness they will not be able to change or cancel the prophesied Words of tribulation and distress. These things must come to pass – the anti-messiah will rise, many believers will be imprisoned or martyred, and the kingdom of darkness will force a one-world tyrannical government and religious system.  Perhaps a different of focus of prayer will become necessary as we determine His will to be manifest. May He help us to discern, endure and escape the things that are coming.

We are already noticing that what used to be restrained is now freely operating. Blatant hatred of God and his people are publicly demonstrated. Lawlessness and the abolishment of law enforcement is now being demanded. Criminals and lawbreakers are heralded as heroes. Killing of babies in utero is a protected right. Social bullying and vehement slander have become a norm in every age group and platform with no reprimand. Children are encouraged to explore sexuality and change their sex if they so desire. Parental rights are being challenged by the government and patriotism is being purged from our military and the general public.

In fact, the mystery of this lawlessness is already at work, but only until the one who is now holding him back moves out of the way. 2 Thessalonians 2:7 EHV

Because God has been waiting until the set time, there has been restraint on Satan’s dark kingdom – that is until now!. It has become obvious by so many of us living in this time of changing values and disintegrating principals that the restrainer is moving out of the way.

Darkness is becoming darker, but rest assured the Kingdom of Light will also grow brighter than ever before. As the clash of the two kingdoms become more and more evident, conviction and power will energize God’s people.  Those who walk in the Light will do so through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. Believers are acquiring spiritual sensory receptors especially designated for this time.  Many are receiving wisdom and insight on what is happening. Because of recent events even nominal Christians are becoming serious in their faith. In fact, during these trying times of the pandemic, Bible makers are seeing a significant increase in the number of people seeking to have their own copies of the Word of God. Yes, my friends – Light is increasing!

As the Holy Nation is grows in number and in intensity, we will see great miracles, a growing tenacity and a supernatural ability to endure difficult situations.

The Kingdom of Light is God’s government that Yeshua is bringing to restore the Earth as it was intended to be in the beginning. He is taking the dominion back! And when it’s all said and done and the wrath of God has eliminated this present darkness with its usurping ruler, then the Word will go forth from Zion and all the nations will learn of His ways. His Laws will be established to the ends of the earth and man will no longer be subject to war or despair. Satanic deception, temptation and hate will not rule the cultures any longer.

Arise, shine, for your light has come,
and the glory of the Lord is dawning upon you.
Look, darkness covers the earth,
and deep darkness covers the peoples,
but the Lord will dawn upon you,
and his glory will be seen over you.
Nations will walk to your light,
and kings to the brightness of your dawn. Is 60:1-3 EHV

How’s that for a cultural shift?

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