Matthew 5:16 Let Your Light Shine

I have often been asked if there have been any authors who have influenced me in writing my own memoir, Just a Little Girl. I have to say the authors who have influenced me on my journey to discover the Jewish roots of my Christian faith and God’s purpose for me in advancing the His Kingdom of Light are too numerous to mention. However, when it comes down to actually writing Just a Little Girl, I’d have to say that my developmental editor was a tremendous influence. With over 30 published books, Allison Bottke is an award winning, bestselling author in her own right. Having her help me organize my writing and develop the thematic structure was critical. She asked me to delve deep into my feelings and emotions and to remember things I thought I had long forgotten—and then to write about them. Also, I need to mention, Dr. Richard Booker who makes the complex understandable especially with his books The Miracle of the Scarlet Thread and Jesus and the Biblical Feasts along with at least 30 more titles. I was greatly influenced by Dr. John Garr and his absolute brilliance on the subject on Hebrew thought in 40 different books but especially as it relates to women like in his book Theomorphic Humanity. And I can’t forget Dr. Brad Young, author of several books including, Jesus the Jewish Theologian.  It seemed every other month for a year Brad and his wife, Dr. Gayle Young encouraged me almost unrelentingly to write my own book.  I’m so glad that they did! I’m very thankful for the mentors and influencers God has brought into my life. They truly have been Salt and Light!

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