Setting up a Fellowship

Question: I so wish we had a home fellowship like you have (as we long for community). Maybe that’s what we need to set up here in Michigan one day?  BH


My Dear Friend in Michigan,

If you feel the Spirit tugging on you, perhaps you could pray about starting a Bible study in your own home? It’s important to remember that it is God that puts this desire on our hearts to minister to His saints.

It is my experience that many Christians are becoming dissatisfied with the rote demonstration of mega church programs and desire a much deeper and personal learning experience. A small gathering in an intimate setting produces far greater opportunities for communication and accountability.

While the modern mega churches appeal to a more “surface” need for spiritual seekers, these outreaches are designed to minister to very large groups, as opposed to individually discipling the saints. Today, many large churches are beginning to address this need as they set up weekly “small group” home Bible studies or care groups. They are beginning to see there are countless hungry believers who could grow in a home Bible study environment if given the opportunity.

Yet there is still a great need for people like you to open their homes and hearts in ministry, just as fellow brothers and sisters did when Jesus walked among us. The First-Century model of worship (house to house) will be where the remnant will worship in the end of days before Yeshua comes back to rule and reign.

Perhaps God is calling you to this blessed opportunity!

Pray fervently about the call God may be placing on your heart and stay tuned to our website for more information about our First Century Genesis programs to help meet this need.

In the very near future, we will be introducing a Home Group Leadership Guide to empower people like you who feel called to share the First-Century model of worship in your home. Until then, may I recommend reading and teaching from Dr. Richard Booker’s Miracle of the Scarlet Thread or Jesus and the Feasts.


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