The Blessing of Peace

Dear Readers:

I spend a lot of time with my grand kids, and I’ve noticed I become really merciful and open when they’re around. They’re amazingly generous with their love and forgiveness and seeing the world through their innocent eyes gives me a perspective that keeps me young. It also keeps me keenly aware of the tremendous blessing it is to be so involved in their young lives.

What I really love about spending time with children is their innate ability to be present in the moment. To find complete and utter joy in painting a picture, playing a game, or building a blanket fort, they are 100% present in the experience. Kids don’t check these pleasurable experiences off their “To Do” list once they’re accomplished.

For many adults, it’s difficult to be present in the moment. There’s typically so much to do and so little time in which to do it. Sadly, our culture has a toxic obsession with getting things done—sometimes at the expense of our health and our relationships. In this July issue of Kaleidoscope, we’re going to focus on the blessing of peace that comes when we shift our perspective off the busyness of life and on one of the sacred biblical feasts designed specifically to give us peace—and rest—that of “keeping the Sabbath.”

In Mark 2:27, Yeshua says, “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.” Sabbath is a gift from God allowing us to slow down—to focus on that which really matters in life; resting from our worldly ways and exhaustive pursuits and instead, just trusting in God. “Keeping the Sabbath,” is a far more personal act than a corporate one—it is a weekly remembrance and commemoration of our personal decision to make Yeshua our Lord and Savior.

In this month’s Precious Gem article; Understanding the Sabbath – What is Shabbat? I share more about the blessing that comes when we take the time to stop and step back from the crazy schedules that consume us—and instead give our full attention to being 100% involved in the experience of true rest. The same lesson is shared via the Shabbat Video Presentation at the top of the page.

In keeping with our theme, this month’s Hebrew Word is Blessing (Berakah) and our Featured Book is Blessings for Family and Friends by Dr. John Garr—a resource I encourage you to explore on your quest to find peace and rest. Our Featured Ministry this month is the amazing work being done by Aloyosha and Jody Ryabinov in their Song of Israel outreach and you will feel blessed as you listen to their anointed music. Additionally, a reader asks a thought-provoking question about small group Bible study and corporate worship in the Ask Victoria column.

We’re also spotlighting some delicious and healthy foods in both our Recipe of the Month and in our very special Healthy Shabbat events hosted by Kristen Barkley that will be  taking place at the Bethany Center.

Until next time,

Shabbat Shalom,

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