Q&A: The Intimacy of Worship

Question: The more immersed I become in learning about Jesus in His Jewish context, the less comfortable I feel in mass corporate worship in my mega-church. I love my pastor and his message is sound and scripturally true, it’s just that I’m beginning to feel so insignificant in such a large crowd—like I don’t really matter. Is this normal? ~AG

Answer: Dear AG, I’m not sure that normal (or conversely, abnormal) are the words to describe what you’re feeling. Maybe it’s more that you are awakening to a memory of what scripture describes Yeshua and his followers were doing in their assembling together. When Yeshua walked the earth, a significant part of His ministry was conducted in small group settings—in the homes of His apostles and followers, over meals and fireside chats, and in intimate settings where His followers sat at His feet as He shared Truth and Wisdom. When we learn about Yeshua from the first century Jewish perspective, we see how closely connected He was to those who followed Him. It’s natural to want to experience that intimacy as we worship the Lord today. And understandably, that is difficult to do in a church of literally thousands.

I believe that’s why spiritual leaders of mega-churches should implement small-group scenarios as a vital component to their weekly worship (as many are beginning to do.) I encourage you to seek out a small group within your church where you can develop close spiritual relationships. Small group settings provide the opportunity of developing trust and accountability among those who are participating. In the event your church doesn’t provide any organized small group opportunities, perhaps this is an area where you can step out in faith and begin a group of your own? Pray for wisdom and discernment and listen for the still small voice of God to direct your path.

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