Remember the former things of old

Isaiah 46:9

L’Shana Tova!

It’s hard to believe the New Jewish Year and the fall season is already upon us. It seems to be coming much faster these days, don’t you agree? As our team was discussing the upcoming plans for what is traditionally a very busy time of the year, I couldn’t help but think how much has happened since we moved into our offices at The Bethany Center back 2016. In our desire to further the mission of The Nathaniel Foundation, we’ve launched many exciting programs, hosted numerous guest speakers and scholars, and developed online avenues of communication that have enabled us to reach countless people around the world with the message of our Jewish Messiah. But now we feel it’s time to change the course a bit.

We will be starting our Home Fellowship on Oct. 1st. The Bethany Center will still be opened during the weekdays through June 2022 but our fellowship will begin meeting at our home unless we notify you differently for special events that will need to occur at the Bethany Center.

Also please be aware that we will be redirecting you to our new website that will also go live on Oct. 1.

We also have integrated a new and safer streaming platform for all of our live meeting broadcasts and archives. Go to to watch our Shabbat services or to watch the ones you might have missed!

New things are happening!! It’s time to prepare!!!

Sadly, many of us go through the motions of preparing for the upcoming season by shopping, planning, decorating, organizing, and scheduling. However, while these tasks can be important in their own ways, this is not the kind of “preparing” God has in mind. It’s our heart that He intends for us to prepare—to focus on honest self-introspection and to make our life right. The watching and waiting that signifies the Ten Days of Awe is entirely different than what many of us might think. The intention is to wait for the Holy Spirit to do His work of fulfilling His Word and then we watch it manifests as end time events occur and Jesus returns.

The Hebrew word “Zakar,” it means “remember.” Without doubt, this is a word that holds a special place in the Jewish lexicon—for the need to remember the great things that our God has done and the genesis of our faith. As a Hebraic teacher, my passion to share the faith of Yeshua runs deep. My desire is to illuminate the rich traditions of His observances of Torah and to provide teachings and tools to equip and deepen your walk by the Spirit.

As you may know, writing Just a Little Girl was a big step in my life and ministry—sharing so much of my life was at first quite daunting. However, the experience of losing a child, dying, and being in the presence of my guardian angel was a critical turning point in the plans God had for my marriage, family, and life. Writing a memoir wasn’t initially my plan—but once decided was an experience that taught me more about myself—and my ministry outreach than I could have imagined. I hope if you haven’t read it that you get a copy from Amazon or from the Bethany Center. I pray it will bless you and help you remember the rich blessings God has bestowed upon all of us who have called on His Name.

Let’s never forget all that God has done and remember all He has called us to do.

“Remember the former things of old; for I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like me.”

Isaiah 46:9



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