Sabbath: Resting in God

Shin Bet Tav. These Hebrew letters form the Hebrew root that means repose–desist from exertion–cease–celebrate–and other expressions having to do with an alternation from labor and production to rest and dormancy. [Strong, 7673 et al]

The weekly sabbath is the first of the appointed festivals of the Lord in Leviticus 23–an indicator of its primacy in time. Its source is the seventh day of creation in which God rested from His six days of creational labor. Interestingly, in Genesis 2:2 the Hebrew word for rested is from the root “Shin Bet Tav”. So then, God “shabbatt-ed” on the seventh day. He reposed. He desisted. He ceased. And He celebrated His work.

Therefore, let us celebrate with Him. Let us cease. Let us repose. Let us review and renew. Then let us rise up once more at the close and go forth in the strength of our fellowship with Him into tomorrow.

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