Harvest Time

Dear Readers:

As the Texas bluebonnets begin to punctuate the landscape with glorious exclamations of color, I find myself filled with expectation and wonder—knowing that once again the Lord is faithful in His promises of provision. Once again, we have entered a season of growth. A time when seeds are sprouting in fields across our fertile nation, and gardens everywhere are beginning to take on the vision of what is to come.

Yet on closer inspection, we may find barren areas dotting the pristine fields and verdant gardens where visible growth is absent. Patches of earth without color or life, standing in stark contrast to the surrounding richness. Why is this?

What makes some people flourish when faced with unexpected obstacles and sometimes devastating life challenges, and others wither on the vine and retreat into places of fear, anger, and negativity? While the complex subjects of nature versus nurture, inherent personality traits, and a host of neurological, psychological, and emotional factors are all components in this complex cocktail of character, I believe that faith is the true fertilizer of the soul. A faithful heart is the seed from which all blessings flow, producing a life rich in promise and purpose.

The relationship of farmer to field is also one of promise, preparation, and purpose. The ground is prepared, seeds are planted, soil is watered, and with constant tending, the farmer is confident that time will produce evidence of hard work—that he will ultimately reap what he has sown. So it is with our walk of faith.

The harvest of well-tended faith is not unlike the harvest of a well-tended field. The success of both depends on a combination of intentional actions as well as how we respond to things beyond our control such as outside influences and unforeseen circumstances.

An important aspect of our long-term ministry mission is to provide information about the Jewish roots of our Christian faith, yet there is so much more to growing in our faith than obtaining information. Far more critical is our ability to take that head knowledge and absorb it deep into our heart and spirit. For some, this miraculous integration of head/heart knowledge occurs seamlessly. For others, it is a process that takes seasons of change.

There is a rich and profoundly meaningful tradition the Jewish people have performed for centuries to commemorate this time of Passover when the blood of Jesus changed the life course of God’s chosen people. Many Christians know (or understand) little of the traditions and celebrations of first century Judea. We are so far removed from what Jesus/Yeshua experienced and meant by His words in Luke 24:49 “I am sending the promise of My Father upon you; but you are to stay in the city until you are clothed with power from on high.”

The Hebrew ears understood what this promise meant from the many years of counting the omer from the Feast of First Fruits to the Feast of Shavu’ot. God had always expected His people to offer a grain offering (representing themselves). But this time was going to be different. He was going to renew and rebuild the offering of their very being. He was doing a new thing, clothing His people in righteousness, infusing them with the power of His Spirit thereby changing all who trust into a new creation – holy and acceptable to God.

While the avenues of our outreach ministry are many, the destination remains the same—to follow Jesus/Yeshua with unconditional trust and love. As we enter this season of spiritual growth, let us model to one another what it means to follow Jesus. Let us become motivated by a force bigger than us as we walk in obedience to Him.

Our Kaleidoscope team of godly men and women strive to provide biblical truth and spiritual inspiration to fertilize your life in all seasons. With that in mind, this May/June issue of our newsletter is filled with a bounty of blessings certain to enrich your mind and empower your spirit. I invite you to read our many offerings contained in this publication and encourage you to follow the links we’ve provided to additional sources of spiritual sustenance.

Until next time, may the harvest of your life bring bountiful rewards and great power as you believe His promises, prepare your heart, and walk confidently in His purpose for your life.



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