The End is Near. Are you Ready?

This book should change you— Prepare you to be different. You NEED to be different.  Ready to face what will be different from “status quo” for your life. Prepare for a God change or holy shift in your thinking and spiritual preparedness.




Rapture (This teaching is not in original Hebraic teachings but is a western teaching that messages scriptures to validate itself).  There will be a changing that occurs at the last trump to move His chosen (those who have chosen Him) out of the way of His coming wrath. But as far as timing is concerned Yeshua said in Mat. 24 it will be after the tribulation. According to Is. 26 it will be before his wrath. Ez. Mark mine  Rev. tell us his vials of wrath come at the last trumpet. Charismatics take off with this because its more comforting than being persecuted for His namesake- ie Being a Christian – but that is not biblical


Anti-Christ – most people speculate with this and speculate all prematurely Who could it be? Right?– we will know for sure when an individual stands in the holy place and declares he is God (let the reader understand) you know theres a holy place now under the dome of the rock on the TEMPLE MOUNT. It could happen any time without a physical temple ?’Ever thought of that?


666- Totally a waste of time from a western perspective – tattoos, credit cards, vaccine cards, micro chips? Its not that. It’s a choice! Choosing man, government (which is idolatry) and not God. God’s mark on you. Internal government – gospel of kingdom


Angels, Demons, and the Supernatural

intriguing subjectsbut they too are subject to God. He instructs His angels on your behalf and according to His plan. Even Demons cannot go outside of His will or He intervenes. He controls all times and world events. Concentrate on God and His Word to you– don’t be pulled in by the sensationalism of his subjects who must also bow to His will.


Aliens – distractions from truth of His coming (The coming of aliens line up with biblival teaching of the abyss openening


Catastrophes  – These things really get our attention and often lead to fear- We begin to let the fear of those things overwhelm us, consume us.  We think we need more weapons, ammunition, food, water, survival gear. Let’s move to the mountains! These events are a part of the plan before the Kingdom comes. The events wake people up and brings many to faith. Separates the chosen from the disobedient.  These things must happen before the coming of messiah.


Tribulation- This is not to scare the righteous but cause the unrighteous to consider God and the back slidden to run back. tribulation causes righteousness


God’s Wrath – Not stored up for the righteous but only for those who absolutely refuse and deplore God. Don’t even worry about it if you have surrendered to God.

This book should calm all these sensational and often distracting issues in your mind and help you focus on the Words of the Bible for comfort, preparedness and wisdom for what is coming.



Pre-determined Ideas- A few things I must caution you on. We must get rid of our pre-determined ideas based on fictional movies, passed down erroneous doctrines and even bible commentaries (from Dake, Ryrie, Moody and the like from centuries past) which are often based on opinion and not solid scripture. God reveals more information to every generation. – and there will be a great outpouring of wisdom and understanding in the end time according to Daniel


Culture and Language – Realize America or western culture is not the epic center for Biblical understanding. The Bible is a Book written from Middle Eastern culture, by middle eastern thinkers and centered from the Holy Land that He has called His own. His Land. English or any other language is lacking in true and deeper meaning as it is transliterated from the holy language of Hebrew. The writers thought differently, used idioms from their time and culture and often referred to traditions and ways foreign to us. We are hewed from the Rock of the Biblical Judaism Yeshua taught from. The ancient faith of Abraham – Holy covenantism is our mother.


Hebrew – This is a very deep, multi-faceted language.

  1. There is a surface or pashat meaning (from where almost all languages translate from),
  2. A prophetic or remis meaning – which pertains to God’s pre-determined purpose (which end result of all things) of bringing Heaven to Earth communicated in symbols, pictures and re-occurring events, (not us going heaven)
  3. A conceptual and connecting meanings or drash which takes us into understanding entire concepts (like wedding motifs, sacrifice, harvest or even waiting), esp. as one Word or concepts of the bible is repeated elsewhere.
  4. Sod or mystical meanings revealed by the Spirit. Paul often opened up the mystical meanings of Hebrew words in his letters to the Ecclesia.


We often see in English the phrase “End Times” – This translated from the Hebrew Word acarite hayamin this is a drash meaning – a concept of eras. An end of an era. Through connecting scriptures, we see that the last era is the Golden era – Acarite hayamim (end times) then is the end of the era before the golden era.


Outside of Time – interesting concept Yeshua is already there Present in the golden era victorious and seated on His Throne. He is not going through the time/space continuum as we are. He is here but also in the past as well as the future. Hard to grasp this.

Abraham saw my day (Abraham was put to sleep and was outside of time)

Prayers for our ancestors

We are already seated with Him in the golden era

Those who have died live in a different concept of time – the eternal now- no sun to govern a new day. A thousand years (to us) is a day there. The body is in an eternal Shabbat- no toil, aging, corruption, disease or fatigue.


Those who have died 1 year ago – it has been about a 1 min. in heavenly time.

Our waiting is so much longer in time and space (3 or 4 yrs. for you is not more than 5 min. for them). They are not in limbo they are there now!

Those who entered in the 1st century – almost 2 days!


Signs- Watching and waiting- a drash concept- of noticing signs for preparation this comes with a blessing


PARADIGM SHIFTS in your recent lifetime


Internet and Social Media – programming young people, no filters, no courtesy, selfishness, materialism and selfies, influencers and no fear to speak out.


Covid/Sars – changed us and the world- many don’t go out as much, we got used to masks, government mandates, lock downs of business and countries! many were scared – still are- vaccines, tests, quarantines- some peoples sense of taste are changed (from nothing to sulfur, vinegar or over active), persistent coughs, myocardia, worry about being around those who had the vaccine, worry about being around people who haven’t had the vaccine, new strands, more laboratory creations in China. Some people avoid hospitals now. We are cognoscente of people coughing


War – Israel is changed, people have insomnia, trauma (especially children sleeping with parents – (Boaz doesn’t want to be out in open – be in car or house), fear of loud noises,  911 changed us, especially our opinions of Moslems, open borders scare us.


Anti-Semitism Exponentially growing

Blatant hatred growing on college campuses, Right wing political parties and organiizations and social media


Pedophilia – “Minor attracted, educating children about sex In lower schools, kindergarten and preschool, Drag Queens teaching children


Transgenders/Transvestites, Drag Queens

Started with bathrooms, Changes on Applications and forms for businesses, doctors offices, hospitals, schools, Zoom mtg titles, trans clothes at Target for kids – then to the pulpit



Transgender and LGBTQ pastors. Increase of the occult – my experience with a vampire

Open denial of God or faith

Ridicule of church, Christians, Jews or God

No punishment by law (even protection) for border crossing illegally, store smashing and stealing, taking over cities (anarchy)

Immorality in media (homosexuality in family and children’s media programs including Disney)


Wokism in Companies

Diminishing of white culture, unfair entitlements, changing history, cancel culture, safe work places, LGTBQ right of expression, lawsuits for opposing these woke issues


Globalism- loss of national identity and sovereignty

Elitism and governmental corruption and control, Acceptance of World control growing, population control and police states


CERN – splitting the atom to open black matter

Spiritual and global implications (opens abyss)


Live Prehistoric fish and strange ocean and swamp creatures being found  – since earthquakes under ocean in 2011 


Spying and Carbon footprint Technology

Certain thermostats like nest, security systems with outside servers, drones, satellites, doorbells.  Televisions, phones and computers equip with data collection and surveillance

Car computer technology, cameras everywhere even on neighborhood streets, highways and businesses – poor or rich parts of towns


Various Vaccines for diseases, 5G phones, 5G towers, chemtrails, rabies and rain seeding clouds and GMOs  – all cancer causing  –




AI – replacing humans and the dangers that come with artificial intelligence

All is changing your world


Some might say some of this is just conspiracy theory. There is no theory about any of their existence. All of it is verifiable – what could possibly be a question is the reason they exist – Do they exist to take us out, take control, eliminate our faith?


American bread and circus from Rome

The evil was not in bread and circuses per se

But in the willingness of the people to sell their rights as free men for full bellies and the excitement of games which would serve to distract them from the other human hungers which bread and circuses can never appease –cicero


All that is good Think on these things – red line zoo gulf

Willingness of the people to sell


Regardless they are ALL are SIGNS of our times

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